Maxwell Says “It’s About Damn Time” (Amongst Other Things)

Maxwell’s MySpace blog has been on fire as of late (and we already warned y’all that we were jocking, so don’t act all brand new).

This past Sunday he posted a blog entitled “its about damn TIME” where he gave readers a meaty three paragraphs on a variety of topics including when the full version of “Pretty Wings” will be released, when we can expect the new disc, the recording process, the “blue eyed soul movement” versus “the ring tone generation” and a few thoughts on his label, Columbia. It made for very interesting reading, indeed. Unfortunately, soon after posting said blog, Max went back and edited it down to just the two sentences currently posted.

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We don’t know what led to that change of heart, but thank goodness we had already cut and pasted the original blog text for our files. (Does SoulBounce have y’all covered or what?) Check out what Maxwell initially wrote here:

its about damn TIME

the full song is coming to you at the end of the month and the album some
time after that. it’s takes time to write a TRILOGY. my albums will
never consist of a myriad of guest appearances and yes i write most of
my stuff so ghost writers are not welcomed to speed up the process. you
can argue that i might just need to look into doing this but thats your
business. i can’t say at this time when the album will be out as
promotion and touring are still in the works. i know for certain that
its coming FINALLY and COLUMBIA is supporting 100%. some of you are
done with me at this point and u should be; i did take too DAMN long
and i am sorry for that.

to those who remain, the positive folks
who remain loyal and deaf to the conjecture. no one at the label ever
heard my record and no one ever knew anything about the CONCEPT or the
details below. i refused to play the record until it was ready, that
was the main issue at the TIME. yes, i had a few issues with COLUMBIA
but no relationship is perfect and no one i had beef with even works
there so its really cool n the gang right about now.

the blue eyed soul movement has rekindled what the ring tone generation
has tried to destroy. hats off to those involved in that movement; i
love what you do. as for me, well there’s a new head at COLUMBIA, its a
better company and most of what i have done on this album has only been
recently heard and made available to the new president and the new or
remaining creative heads at COLUMBIA. anything else you’ve read is pure
fiction and sensationalism. find a new story, the truth is much more
exciting but the MUSIC is really what i hope you remember.


So there you have it, Maxwell’s disappearing blog. Quite honestly, we don’t see what the big deal was and why he removed it. Could Columbia have put the kibosh on it? Or perhaps Maxwell thought it was TMI? It’s not as if we’ve been waiting for him to speak on his whereabouts for the past six years or anything.

Maxwell [MySpace]

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