Little Brother's 'Get Back' PUSHED Back?


As if learning that Q-Tip's Renaissance was coming next year instead of this fall wasn't enough, we just found out that Little Brother's "Get Back" is being pushed back an entire month. These guys just can't seem to catch a break. Via the MySpace blog (edited for brevity and, ahem, language):

I was just informed by my label tonight that 'Getback' has been pushed back to the wonderful date of 10/23.  It may reach iTunes and other digital outlets earlier,

All I ever wanted was for my music to be heard.  If it was solely up to me I'd throw up a zshare laink for y'all to download tonight, rather than leave it in the hands of people seemingly hellbent on f-----g up what many have called our best and most complete record to date.  I never understood how animals could eat their young until now.

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Seems the momentum set by Common, Kweli and Kanye is starting to peter off. Like Phonte, we continue to be mystified by the logic employed by labels when they push albums back, especially in the case of ABB. Is it really that deep, guys? How Interscope of you....

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