'Electric Circus' Was Good. Really!

  • "If I hear one more person talk sh-- about [Electric] Circus, I'm gonna punch 'em in their damn chest." Umm, the album was questionable, holmes, but your assessment is very much appreciated. [Philly Weekly]
  • Wyclef, Jazzy Jeff, KRS-1, Marly Marl and CL Smooth are providing the soundtrack to NBA Live '08. Not to be a rebel rouser, but I doubt it'll be half as good as this. [AHH]
  • Talib Kweli isn't interested in having an energy drink. I'll totally forget this fact should I ever interview him. [AskMen]
  • Pete Doherty will work with Amy Winehouse. Who's gonna pick up the bar tab? [Javno]
  • Also, Amy was a big winner at the Music of Black Origin Awards. Again, not to be a rebel-rouser, but can't it be argued that all music is of black origin? Even Buddist chanting? Am I raising the Black Power Fist too high? Please advise. [BBC]
  • Also kinda black: Joss Stone. [EBE]
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