Idolator's 'Top 100 R&B Songs of All Time' Comes To A Crest With More Old School Than We Can Handle

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Anyone that's been following the Gawker music blog's R&B countdown for the past several weeks must've been wondering, after all the classics listed, if they were going to top it off with anything that wasn't released before 1985. Answer is mostly no. Here's the final Top 10 without the commentary. Share your thoughts in the comments so we can all laugh about how most of us were pooping our pants or kickin' it in Momba's womb when these joints came out.

10. The Miracles: "Love Machine"
9. Earth, Wind & Fire: "Getaway"
8. Natalie Cole: "This Will Be"
7. Cameo: "Word Up"
6. Gap Band: "Early in the Morning"
5. Sly and the Family Stone: "If You Want Me to Stay"
4. Teena Marie: "Lover Girl"
3. Rufus and Chaka Khan: "Tell Me Something Good"
2. Marvin Gaye: "Let's Get it On"
1. Con Funk Shun: "Chase Me"

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Love how back in the day these were all pretty much classified as R&B. Somewhere along the line, Hip-Hop and Pop stuck its toe so deep into R&B that we had to re-classify and define sub-Soul genres, hence the inception of SoulBounce. If I think about this any longer than it took me to write this post, my head will hurt.

And Now It Can Be Revealed: The Final Chapter Of Idolator's Top 100 R&B Songs Of All Time (With My Mom) [Idolator]

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