I Was (Sorta) There: Confessions of an Ambivalent Twitterer

What do you get when you add Fader Mag + Yo! MTV Raps + Puma + nOvaMatic? Pretty much absolutely nothing if you go by what happened Friday night.

Pre-emptive: The party was dope. No diss. ("However" forthcoming...)

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However, not only was I on someone else's time but I also had to work the next day. So my live reporting from the frontlines wasn't as comprehensive as I'd have liked. Provided for you below are my Twitter posts via SMS with additional comments to paint a clearer picture.

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Doors were supposed to open at 8:00. But why would they?

8:07 Ask me if i'm actually standing in line to see special ed...

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This sucks. We're only in line to give the appearance of coolness

From my vantage point (five people from the door) there wasn't anything going on inside that qualified folks having to wait outside. The Puma Store is, after all, THE PUMA STORE. The way they were behaving you'd think we were standing in line for the Puma iPhone or something.

8:11 And it's raining
Did I forget to mention it was raining? Yeah, it was raining. I threatened that I would leave if we didn't get in by 8:30. Not only am I impatient by nature, but it was raining, and again, it wasn't Studio 54.

Security made a joke about her
hair getting wet. I made a joke about still waiting for something that
supposedly began at eight

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8:32 We're in
Someone must've overheard my sassy declaration. DJ was spinning Hip-Hop classics. Kool Moe Dee, and a whole lot of other stuff from the era that I don't remember. I knew every word, but I'd already had two mango mojitos from Uno by that time. Folks were milling about in Yo! MTV Raps shirts. The crowd was a mix; Hip-Hop/Rock, straight/gay, Black/White/Ethiopian/Filipino/In Between. Ran into a lot of folks I know that are involved in some industry or creative project or something that qualifies them as like-minded, useful and somewhat connected. Didn't realize I had so many cool folks in my life orbit. Having a friend introduce me as "the guy that runs SoulBounce" kinda puffed up the ego.

Free drinks. Wish you were here.

Not so much "free" as "complimentary", meaning the bar was at the mercy of the sponsorship. You know how that goes. Whatever the hell it was, it was tasty.

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They playing wild wild west. Old joint

Had to clarify lest someone think I meant Will Smith and Sisqo. That would've been a disaster.

8:54 Ed is here
Special Ed walked in tossing dap with no pomp and circumstance, looking about the same as he did almost 20 years ago. Hair was freshly juiced as usual.

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9:00 Out
And just like that I was over it. Didn't stay long enough for the performances or anything. Like I said, my crew had pre-existing plans and I had to go in Saturday morning. Also, I came straight from work and looked every bit like it. Not a good look for photo-ops and meeting my next ex if you know what I mean. I made an attempt to find a connect but she disappeared. I had to go.

There are bound to be reports on this from other sources. As soon as I find them (hopefully with photos), I'll post them up.

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Enjoy the weekend.

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