Game, Blouses


Despite trying to shield his lovely face from the 'razzi behind oversized sunglasses and an upturned turtleneck, it's not hard to tell who this is. We see you, Prince.

His royal flyness was seen in London last week where he recently ended his 21-day concert run but not before stepping out in this interesting ensemble. Pay close attention to his tight-as-a-blood-pressure-cuff pants, the frou-frou lace at his wrists and peep how his turtleneck is covering his face at just the perfect angle.

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Kids, do not try this at home. Prince is a trained professional who has been doing this for years. He's toned it down considerably from the days of ass-less pants, but he still has a little fashion freak in him. That is why Prince is a true Soul Fashioned icon.

[Photo: Bauer-Griffin]

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