Dig If You Will The Artwork Of Demont Peekaso

Anyone who has bought a Raheem DeVaughn CD or been to one of his concerts is already familiar with the work of artist Demont Peekaso. His artwork graced the cover of DeVaughn's debut CD The Love Experience, and Peekaso tours with him as a member of the band, painting live on stage while Raheem sings.

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To see this man in action is truly amazing. At DeVaughn's recent Washington, D.C. concert, Peekaso finished not one but two paintings during the almost 90-minute set. We really don't know why we're shocked, however, seeing that we've witnessed Peekaso paint a mural during another concert. This brotha is bad. We don't know how he does what he does, but he produces one-of-a-kind visual masterpieces on the regular.

Check out these flicks of Demont's artwork from DeVaughn's September 12th D.C. show. The paintings on the top row are the ones that he completed on stage that night. See, we told you he was bad.


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[Photos: Butta]

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