'Worksafe' is the New Black


A little late to the party on this one, but until SoulBounce has a dedicated DJ (hint hint, managing editor says "Apply!"), you can rest knowing that someone out there is addressing your daily worksafe music-listening needs.

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Soul-Tracks (which tends to be a pretty reliable source of info for us) has teamed up with Yahoo's LAUNCHcast to initiate "Soul Revival", a station that we would've done ourselves if we weren't so obsessed with Hip-Hop half the time (and if we had a DJ; hint #2). Via Yahoo Music:

Soul music was the pulse of the urban communities of the 60s. It
helped to evolve R&B with different styles, ranging from Motown to
the Philly sound to Southern Soul. From the smooth-sounding production
to the raw and gritty vocals, soul music has been a mainstay in
America. Although throughout the years soul music has branched out from
the likes of James Brown, Sam & Dave and Aretha Franklin, it has
never faded away. Soul is back and better than ever with artists like
Eric Roberson, Alice Smith and N'Dambi. So do yourself a favor, and
take in the sounds of the "Soul Revival"--you won't be disappointed.

So that means no "Ay Bay Bay"? Bummer. But on the serious, this is right in line with our own as yet unpublished manifesto. There's a community of web-surfing music listeners out there that has been under-served, and not being assaulted by the sounds of MC MurderDeath and the JumpSuit Boyz every time you log into Yahoo sounds pretty golden. We're so there.

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Also, don't get too used to the handy-dandy worksafe-themed Deezer jukebox over in our far right column. The industry has caught on and, well, you know how they are.

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