The 'Save Amy' Campaign Gets Contentious; Pete Rock & CL Smooth "Like Oil and Water"


While Amy Winehouse was soaking up the sun in the Caribbean, her in-laws were initiating a campaign to halt sales of her music until she cleans up her act.

The parents of her husband Blake Fielder-Civil have said both the singer and their son are drug addicts and are in denial. "Georgette and I both believe that they are drug addicts, and they don't believe they are," Giles Fielder-Civil told BBC Radio 5 Live this morning (August 28). "I think they believe they are recreational users of drugs, and they are in control, but it seems to Georgette and I that this isn't the case."

He suggested that the pair were taking crack, and on occasion there had been heroin use.

He then called on fans of Winehouse to show her that she needed to
change her ways and send a message "that her addiction and her
behaviour are not acceptable".

"Perhaps it is time to stop buying records," he suggested, adding that
with the singer nominated for next week's (September 4) Mercury Music
Prize she should not win any awards either. "It's a possibility, to
send that message." 

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Here at SoulBounce, we like to encourage the "legal procurement" of music, and we'd hate to believe that we're urging our readers to directly fund any artist's CRACK habit. That being said, we'd be hard-pressed to discover a popular artist that wasn't engaged in some sort of extra-recreational activity. It's par for the course, children. Where would sex and Rock 'N Roll be without drugs?


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Ironic that the above pic was the best one we could find for this next drop. Fans of Pete Rock and CL Smooth might've called for definitive answers on the duo's split, but Pete is treading dangerously close to Pras Michel territory in this interview with HipHopDX:

We're oil and water. We don't mix. We're two different people. I'm about my music, and about my business, and that's it. I'm about putting this music out for my fans. I do it for them.

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I'm still here. I've put out 3 solo albums since the split. I'm here giving people the thing they missed [after we broke up], which is Pete Rock's music. Without the music you couldn't sell a C.L. Smooth acapella album. So my thing is it's the music that the people love. I don't take anything away from him; he's definitely dope and everything like that. But it was the music that the people loved, and I'm here to keep giving it to them.

...the explanation [for our breakup] is we don't get along, period. We made a mark on the music world. And I'm sorry to the fans that we had to part, but things like that happen as you grow older. We grew apart from each other and that's the bottom line. I'm not gonna speak bad about him, but it is what it is.

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Ouch. There's more to it than that, but naturally we cherry-picked the most controversial stuff. Check out the full interview. Pete's got some vinegar in him.

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