Flav, Ques, GFK and More At Rock The Bells 07

Flav and Ques
About a week ago, I bombarded everybody on my cell phone address book with a revelation.
Do y'all realize that Flav is the biggest African American television star in America right now...and perhaps the world.
Actions that I received were somewhat mixed.
"Damn zillz, I almost crashed the whip. Don't scare the kid like that."
"You need Jeebus."
"Thanx alot. Now the baby won't goto sleep."
"I choked on my water, it's your fault."
"Are you going to help me move on Saturday?"
"Told you. You owe me $20."
"I can die happily now. And you're coming with me whether you like it or not."
"My dad wants to know what a Flav is. He think it's drugs. I told him that he's half right."
"Flav is the hottest rapper alive right now. Hov!"
"I'm going to get me a clock right now!"
"Read a book. Read a book. Read muhfuh book!"
"Mmph Deelishis!"
I have some morbid ass buddies.
Fliggity Fliggity Flav brought his superemcee/hypeman/skoochie mackin' skills to Rock The Bells and ?ues has the pics to prove it. Also pictured in the gallery are Ghostface Killah, The Roots, Public Enemy, Mos, Talib, Rahzel and a buncha other mofos.

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