Write For SoulBounce

SoulBounce is expanding our editorial team and looking for a few great writers to join us in all of our crazy, sexy, coolness. If you’ve always dreamed of writing for one of the most progressive, thought-provoking, entertaining and award-winning soul music websites on the face of the net, then now is your chance to join our dynamic group of music lovers and cultural critics. Check out the requirements for becoming a SoulBounce Contributing Writer below!

A SoulBounce Contributing Writer should have:

*Previous knowledge of SoulBounce, our style of writing, the artists who we cover and our standards of excellence. If you have never read SoulBounce before, then this may not be a good fit.
*A conversational, entertaining and/or witty writing style. Please bring your own voice, opinions and original ideas to the table. Jokes and snark are welcome.
*The ability to write short and/or long-form pieces and update multiple times per day/week during daytime hours, Monday through Friday.
*A firm grasp of the English language; know proper spelling, grammar and syntax; and have the ability to self-edit, fact-check and cite your sources independently.
*Knowledge in HTML, image editing and FTP uploading.
*A familiarity with multiple blogging platforms and social networking sites.
*Experience with using RSS feeds, Google Alerts and other resources to find stories and music.
*The ability to follow existing formatting guidelines, style and procedures already in use at SoulBounce and work well with others.
*An awareness of music from different eras and genres, particularly if you’re able to recall historical milestones in music, production credits, fun facts and the like.
*A sense of humor. We’re all artists and we’re sensitive about our ish, but we like to keep it light and easy-going around these parts.

If you’re serious about being a part of our team, please email soulbouncers [at] gmail.com with “SoulBounce Contributing Writer Interest” in the subject line to receive further details.