Stacy Epps & Saharas Greenery Want You To Be Open To 'RECEIVE'

Photo Credit: Stacy Epps/SoundCloud

Between her law firm, nonprofit Love Like Water and virtual collaborative and sacred spaces, Stacy Epps has created multiple means of expressing and sharing her gifts with the world. Her latest musical offering, “RECEIVE,” invites listeners to a transcendent place where one is completely open to all that the universe has in store. With its hypnotic vocals and celestial soundscape, it’s clear she and long-time producer Saharas Greenery were intentional in the creation of every element of the track. Even its January 11th release date was selected with purpose, as she notes, “111 is an Angel number symbolizing abundance, manifestation, new possibilities and spiritual ‎awakening.”

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True to her goal of promoting “healing and change through music,” this latest single exudes a light and welcoming energy that those new to this type of artistry won’t back away from. Without getting too deep or leaving listeners with the worry of unwelcomed mantras entering into their psyche, Stacy simply provides an audible and activating exhale. She explains, “This is what we want you to RECEIVE into your life this day on 111 and henceforth every day forward. It is our time to re-awaken to our true power and purpose on this planet. When we take the time to listen our true path is revealed to us, we only must take the first step. We honor you and your existence in this planet.”

Close your eyes and take a moment to “RECEIVE” the latest single from Stacy Epps featuring Saharas Greenery. The track is available on most digital platforms and, if you are looking for more, be sure to follow her Space Is Sacred account on Instagram and tune into her biweekly, virtual meditation sessions.

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