Samm Henshaw Taps Mick Jenkins & Bando. To Spice Up His 'Chicken Wings - Remix'

Photo Credit: Dorm Seven

It's hard to believe, but Samm Henshaw is going to be releasing his debut album Untidy Soul this week. We've been waiting a long time for this moment and can't wait to get a fully realized taste of his brand of soul. But before he brings us the full meal of his debut, he's giving us another tasty appetizer with a remix of his heartfelt recent single "Chicken Wings."

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This new version of "Chicken Wings" keeps the horn-filled production of the original and Samm's thoughtful chorus. However, the verses are replaced with bars from rappers Bando. and Mick Jenkins, who spit a bit of game in theme with the song's title. Up first is Bando., who gets straight to the point as he raps, "Lemme get a combo with fries, my usual number nine / I mean, you a dime / You just need one of me on the side / I can't lie, she like more what I need / It feel like I'm a fiend, girl / What you put in your seasoning?"

Mick, on the other hand, gets a little more bump added to the production for his verse as the keys drop from the mix for a second. He takes advantage of that with bars straight out of the grease as he rhymes, "I just want some thighs I can grip when I've been obliged / She just wanna rise on me, kick it off the cinder blocks / She be on a humble, definitely could've been a centerfold / Caught me singin' 'Sinnerman,' n***a bustin' somersaults." Samm then hops back in with a brief outro to wash all the goodness down.

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This new take on "Chicken Wings" doesn't necessarily improve on the original recipe, but it's just as finger-lickin' good. Give the "Chicken Wings - Remix" a taste when you press play and be ready for the main course when Samm Henshaw serves up Untidy Soul on Friday, January 28th.

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