Ruth Koleva & Diggs Duke Go ‘Beyond Borders’

Photo Credit: Ruth Koleva/Bandcamp

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Bulgarian songbird Ruth Koleva. But rest assured, the singer is still bringing her unique brand of soul to audiences the world over. In fact, she recently released a collaboration with the multi-talented Diggs Duke called “Beyond Borders.”

“Beyond Borders” is a beautiful duet between the two artists that drifts on a beautiful piano melody, which gives the affair a jazzy feel. The other instruments included here — including a little muted trumpet, steady drums and even what sounds like some organ — help to flesh out the soundscape and give the song a sense of warmth. Meanwhile, the two singers express a sense of love and longing through the song’s poetic lyrics. “We planted seeds of an endless summer and now we are ghost of a glorious past / We made, made an expression, an expression of faith, in the spirit of change,” Diggs begins the song. “From dawn to dusk, a parade of sepia tones.” Ruth meets him in the song’s middle, singing, “The shore is mighty close, yeah / Less than a million miles to say / And bright stars flicker peaceful words / In such a familiar way.”

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The song’s intimate feel is reflected in the video, which features Ruth taking in spare moments in her apartment.  We see her in beautifully composed shots that make the viewer feel as if they are witnessing personal moments not meant to be seen by other eyes. This, coupled with the absence of Diggs Duke in the clip to accompany his voice, paint a picture of longing for someone too far away to touch.

We don’t know about y’all, but we think Ruth Koleva and Diggs Duke might be on to something with this one. Take a listen to “Beyond Borders” right here and then stick around to peep its intimate music video.

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