Leikeli47 Kicks Off The New Year With 'Chitty Bang'

Image Credit: RCA Records

Leikeli47 has been laying low in the years since dropping her jammin’ sophomore effort Acrylic back in 2018. She rode that album well into 2019 with cuts like “Tic Boom” and “No Reload” showcasing her brash and bold attitude. She’s only dropped one new single in the interim — 2020's “Zoom” — and went completely radio silent in 2021. This year the masked rapper is back on the scene and she’s kicking things off with new single “Chitty Bang.”

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Leikeli47 comes with the fire once again on the Michael Barney-produced track as she reminds us of her unmatched lyrical prowess over the clatter of drums, banging bass and a looped vocal sample. She talks her ish all over the short and sweet cut as she lets us know she’s not to be played with. “Back again up in this motherf**ker! / Entertaining for you motherf**kers / Come for my Ms, you get this double-double / Fo-fo straight to your brother,” she spits. “In this game because I love the trouble / So watch yo’ tone and still wanna rumble / You n***as pop shit, like my n***a / Did you forget we know you not wit’, any inch of the real s**t?” Her undeniable flow is on full display here as he kicks rhymes harder than most of your favorite rappers with a ferocity that’s sure to leave heads ringing in the new year.

“Chitty Bang” comes with no info about a new project, but we think it’s high time for a new Leikeli47 record to bang in our speakers. We’ll see what the rapper/singer will bring as 2022 progresses. In the meantime, get a refresher on who the rapper is when you press play.

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