Kenyon Dixon & Tiffany Gouché Are Caught Up In The Rapture Of 'Love On Replay'

Image Credit: Kenyon Dixon/Spotify

We are exactly one month away from Valentine's Day, which means that you have 30 days and counting to get your plans and playlists together. We can't help you with the plans, but we've got a sensual suggestion for any playlists you compile with "Love On Replay," the new single from Kenyon Dixon and Tiffany Gouché.

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"Love On Replay" sees Kenyon and Tiffany exchanging loving lyrics about how into each other they are. R&B Kenny begins the trip down lover's lane, opening the song with its chorus, sharing in part, "All the things I often dream of, you bring them to life / Love on replay, have me your way every single time." Tiffany matches his energy with a smoldering fire of her own. "I see forever in your eyes, don't lie / I don't want to waste another lifetime / You got me in a trance, I can't even sit quiet / Wanna do everything that comes to mind," she sings on her verse. Whew! Is it hot in here, or is it these lyrics?

Producers Frank Rose, Ye Ali and Buddafly Wolf crafted a sultry sound bed of keys, synths, bass and percussion for "Love On Replay" that fits the singers' voices like a tailored suit. "Love On Replay" is a pure R&B love song, which was by design. Kenyon described it as, "A tasteful lesson in the coexistence of intimacy, passion, sensuality and desire (and singing...a lot of singing...because you should be singing if you’re doing R&B)," on Instagram, and it definitely checks all of those boxes.

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"Love On Replay" is the first duet from the Los Angeles natives and friends, but we hope it's not the last time that Kenyon Dixon and Tiffany Gouché unite to create more solid gold.

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