Camp Lo Coast Into A New Year With 'Daydreaming'

Image Credit: Sonny Cheeba/Instagram

Legendary duo Camp Lo begin 2022 on a much-needed high note with the release of their new single “Daydreaming,” which dropped on New Year's Eve. Though climate change makes it hard to tell what season it is, the Bronx-bred bombers somehow make it feel like summer in the dead of winter, reminding us to, “Live for the days, the dreams, the highs, the lows.” The vibrant Jocko-produced track features sampling from the Chuck Mangione classic “Feels So Good” and gives listeners a hope-filled boost into the new year.

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This latest release marks the first single from Camp Lo’s forthcoming album, which will coincide with 20th anniversary of their classic debut album, Uptown Saturday Night. In the meantime, fans can rock to Geechie Suede's new album Sapphire Kitchen and Sonny Cheeba’s new single “Can I Get A Light? (Cheeba Cheeba)”. “I’m just excited about what I got going on individually, as well as collectively with my partner Sonny Cheeba,” Geechi stated in a recent video. We love to see it, and we can’t wait to hear more from the duo who has managed to somehow remain ahead of their time while simultaneously giving nostalgic cool.

Listen to Camp Lo’s “Daydreaming” and slide the track onto your collection from your preferred digital platform. Though there’s no official release date for their as-yet-untitled upcoming album, they’ve each given us plenty to ride out to while we wait.

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