Ant Clemons Creates A Mood With New EP ‘4Play’

Image Credit: Ant Clemons/Spotify

This winter has many in hibernation once again. Between the frigid temperatures, neverending pandemic and new variants popping up every other week, we’re actually fine with being inside right now. And if you have the luxury of being inside with someone you love, like and/or lust for, that’s even better. When it’s time for you and bae to listen to music and chill, singer-songwriter Ant Clemons has got something new to set the mood with his latest project 4Play.

The follow-up to his GRAMMY-nominated debut HAPPY 2 BE HERE, Clemons’ 4Play is a four-song EP that aims to be a sexy soundtrack to foreplay and beyond. Ant puts his prolific pen to work on 4Play, writing every song and working with a handful of producers to bring the EP to life.

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A warm organ greets the listener on “Sticks & Stones,” produced by Brian Kennedy and James Fauntleroy. Clemons uses clever language to describe his desire to get his lady high – and not necessarily on drugs. Producers Rex Kudo, MyGuyMars, Carlton McDowell and Larrance Dopson lace Ant with a bass-heavy trap soul instrumental on “Head Over Heels” as he laments his girl being for the streets. Lyrically, it’s not a love or lovemaking song, but the music sounds sexy enough to fit the EP’s theme.

If sexy is what you’re looking for, though, Clemons has you covered with the last two tracks, “In Between” and “Come With Me,” both produced by Eric Hudson. On “In Between,” Ant entices a potential lover with an invitation that she can’t refuse to get flewed out and screwed well. 4Play wraps with “Come With Me” where Clemons lets his woman know that he’s ready whenever her body is calling. Although she’s not credited as a featured artist, “Come With Me” features the unmistakable vocals of Ari Lennox on backgrounds and ad-libs, and their voices play well with each other.

Ant Clemons’ 4Play is the EP we didn’t know we needed. It’s giving vocals, lyrics and music that moves you in a compact package that continues to show his talent and range. Valentine’s Day might be on the horizon, but 4Play is a project that needs to be added to your baelist playlists immediately to create a vibe. Especially since #WEINSIDE.

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