Sunni Colón Gets Down To Earth With ‘Flowerbug (Interlude)’

Sunni Colón continues to impress as the year comes to a close. Earlier this year, he brought us more of his dreamy, jazz-soaked soul sound with the release of his last single “Provide.” The single came with promises of a new EP, though that has yet to materialize. Sunni continues to tease us, though, as he recently released new track “Flowerbug (Interlude).”

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“Flowerbug (Interlude)” continues the dreamy vibes thanks to softly strummed guitar and the sounds of nature that make up the musical sound bed of the song. Sunni also makes things sound sweet with his voice. It’s tender and almost a whisper as he intimates his deepest feelings. “Girl you’re always flying / Hallucinating, dreaming / The sun is always shining / Your eyes,” he sings on the only verse. “Searching for a meaning / It’s been a long way running / You’re the only thing that matters.”

The singer also gives us another self-directed video for the song. It shows him on a farm as he tends to a bevy of animals, including goats and chickens. Sunny rarely looks at the camera in the short clip, instead the camera to linger over the small farm and nature and creating a sense of calm.

There still hasn’t been an official announcement about an EP as of yet, but if the track is tagged as an interlude there has to be a bigger project, right? We sure hope so, since we’re positively smitten with what Sunni Colón has given thus far.

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