Leon Bridges Brings ‘Purple Snowflakes’ To The Desert For Amazon Originals

Every holiday season, we tend to get covers of the same songs over and over. Sometimes, though, we’ll get versions of the lesser-known cuts, such as Marvin Gaye‘s romantic classic “Purple Snowflakes.” The song, which can easily be played well-beyond the Yuletide season, got a new life thanks to the Amazon Originals series and the talented Texan troubadour Leon Bridges. Now he gives us the not-quite-traditional song in the nontraditional setting of the desert in a special performance video.

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The Gold-Diggers Sound singer-songwriter takes us to Calabasas, California, where the brush is dray and the sun shines bright, to give us the song with a bit of Southwestern flair. The clip opens with the camera panning over the ground and vegetation (including a bare tree adorned with Christmas lights) before we see Leon decked out in a cowboy hat and matching outfit. He then performs the song with his band in front of a picturesque backdrop. Despite the setting and the lyrics seeming to be incongruous, it all works toward the cozy and dreamy feel that the song always had (perhaps in a nod to the fact that Christmas looks different all over the world).

Of course, you can buy your own copy of the cover via Amazon right now. But before you do that, get into how Leon Bridges adds his own flair to the Christmas cut in the video below.

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