John Legend Is In The Christmas Spirit In ‘You Deserve It All’

John Legend may have released his Christmas album, A Legendary Christmas, back in 2019, but he’s back in the holiday spirit again this year with his latest jingle jam, “You Deserve It All.” A welcome addition to our seasonal playlists, the shiny new cut finds Legend speaking our love language as he sings about showering his lady with gifts for the holiday. We fully expected a lavish shopping spree-themed music video for the track, but John and director Drew Kirsch decided to go in a different direction for the clip.

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Sponsored by electronics giant LG, the new LG Signature pitchman is seen rocking around the Christmas tree and the whole house as he and a few friends have a jolly good time. The video is more like a mini-musical with everyone breaking out into dance whenever John enters the room singing and giving jazz hands. He moves about the mansion wearing a gold velvet tux that Santa could never. While he’s walking around, there’s subtle LG product placement throughout, and a bottle of his LVE Wine even gets some screentime. The visual culminates with a big dance number featuring the full cast all gathered together in the living room while Legend plays it lounge singer cool for the camera.

With this partnership with LG Signature, it looks like John Legend is caroling all the way to the bank this Christmas. While we figure out a way to get onto his gift list, watch the video for “You Deserve It All” and the LG commercial spot (which is simply an edited version of the music video) right here.

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