Common & PJ Celebrate The Beauty Of Black Women In ‘Majesty’

Common has always shown love to the ladies throughout his career. However, with his two most recent albums — A Beautiful Revolution, Pt. 1 and A Beautiful Revolution, Pt. 2 — the veteran rapper has made his love for the Black woman loud and clear both in his lyrics and in gorgeously shot videos highlighting their beauty, style and grace. He keeps that trend going with the latest visual from Pt. 2, “Majesty.”

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The clip goes for a Southern gothic meets Black excellence vibe as he takes over what appears to be a plantation home in the south. But rather than focus on the strange fruit that the Southern trees once bore, he focuses on the Black beauty that survived despite the past. Helping him is frequent collaborator PJ, who provides the funky track with its chorus and is featured in the video almost more than Common himself. She congregates with a group of fly sistas who are draped in regal Afrocentric attire as they flaunt their flawless skin and effortless style like the queens they are. Common is the only male in the mix, rocking a few fly threads as he spits about making a possible love connection.

We love to see Black women celebrated and love even more that Common is making it his mission to do so. Watch him and PJ showcase their “Majesty” when you press play.

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