JMSN Makes A Desperate Leap In ‘What Did I Get Myself Into’

JMSN came with it musically when he dropped Heals Me earlier this year. But the singer-songwriter has also been bringing it with the visuals from the album, taking us from the avant-garde to the literal in the clips for “Rolling Stone,” “Love 2 U” and “Act Like I’m Not There.” He might have outdone himself with his latest, though, as he takes us to new heights in “What Did I Get Myself Into.”

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The video finds the singer playing the man out on a ledge. No, he’s seriously out on a ledge and contemplating what exactly he’s done. Rather than merely threaten to jump, though, he actually does it, spending the majority of the song in a freefall from the top of a skyscraper. His plunge doesn’t go unnoticed, either. As he falls for a short eternity, he becomes a hot topic on the news as he’s covered by an on-scene reporter (played by himself) and a newsman in a helicopter (also played by himself). That means that the whole city has eyes on him as he makes his descent. Things go pretty much the way you’d imagine in the situation, with the darkly comic clip actually taking it there at the end.

JMSN always knows how to catch our eye, and the visual for “What Did I Get Myself Into” definitely does that. See if you’ll fall for what the artist is giving when you press play.

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