Jade Novah Consults Her Inner Selves In ‘I Just Wanna Know’

If you’ve been following Jade Novah, then you know that the talent is just as dynamic a comedienne and actress as she is a singer. It’s no surprise, then, that Jade is bringing all those talents together in the video for her latest single “I Just Wanna Know.”

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The clip finds the singer split between her inner selves — whom she refers to as her Inner Js — as she decides what to do after her love interest (played by her real-life husband Devin Johnson) actually comes through for a rendezvous. This results in some wacky moments as she makes a few different moves in order to make him stay. Her more emotional self, Jo, starts things as she cooks up a morning meal for the two of them while he sits mesmerized. Her more intuitive self, Jewel, takes bae on a metaphysical date with a yoga session that finds her hitting several poses while he blankly looks on. Her inner hot girl, Jazz, approaches things in the boudoir as she touches, caresses and kisses all over him. Once the actual Jade gets out of her head, she realizes that bae is actually gone after their chance encounter (and eventually shrugs it off to return to sleep).

The creativity has always been strong with Jade Novah, and the video for “I Just Wanna Know” further proves that all eyes and ears should be on her. Get into her latest creation when you peep the visual right here and check her out on YouTube to get into more of her antics.

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