Ego Ella May Seeks Simplicity On ‘YoYo’

Following the release of her latest EP Fieldnotes, South London singer-songwriter Ego Ella May has dropped a visual for one of the project’s standout tracks. Produced by Geo Jordan, “YoYo” takes listeners through her stream of consciousness in the midst of a world full of uncertainly and chaos. Born out of a period of frustration, she notes that the lyrics depict her vision of a life that reverts back to the basics and finds satisfaction in simplicity. She explains, “I felt like an alien and in my annoyance about that I dreamt about living off grid, where there’s no TV and no iPhone, I’m with like-minded people and we just grow our veg and make clothes, and cook and sing and dance and make up our own rules, and that’s how ‘YoYo’ came about. It’s a song about my dream life.”

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For the accompanying video, director Natalie Wilson captures this ideal with the glory of Mother Nature as the primary backdrop. The lovely feature exudes pure Black girl joy, as Ego Ella May basks in the energy of her girlfriends, including fellow artists Anaiis, Demae and SoulBounce fave Emmavie. Just as she envisioned, there’s not a cell phone in sight as the squad finds beauty in every element while picking their own fruit and catching a vibe sitting in a gorgeous, green pasture.

Watch Ego Ella May’s video for “YoYo” and be sure to add the full Fieldnotes EP to your collection from your preferred digital platform. SoulBouncers across the pond can grab tickets now to catch her live in Manchester and London in March 2022.


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