CAMP Gets ‘Heavy’ With His Latest

It seems that CAMP is digging into some serious subject matter with some of his newer material. We first got some inkling of this when he dropped the Anikan & Vader-produced “Issues” last month. The singer-songwriter is back at it, reteaming with the production duo to get further into his feels with his latest single “Heavy.”

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The contemplative cut sets the mood early on with atmospheric synth and guitar set to a steady drum rhythm as CAMP sets the scene. We get a picture of a man struggling with his own issues and needing his girl to be that shoulder he leans on. However, she doesn’t seem to be willing to take on the weight, leaving the singer to spiral on his own. “When I’m at my lowest / All I really needed was you,” he sings on the bridge. “When it came to my mind / Yeah, I couldn’t control it  / Couldn’t focus / Know I’m too gone to pull me through.” While CAMP’s vocal definitely evokes the state of mind of having to face his problems by himself, the cinematic feel of the production also gives the listener an idea of the scope of his feelings and why he might feel like the weight of the world is on his shoulders.

We’re into the deeper dive that CAMP is doing with his most recent material and are anticipating what this change signals for his forthcoming output. While we ruminate on that, allow the singer to get “Heavy” when you press play.


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