Will Downing Announces Release Of His Milestone 25th Album ‘Sophisticated Soul’ Led By Single 'The Warmth Of You'

Will Downing is one of the hardest working men in soul business. We can't think of a better way to describe the artist who is on the verge of releasing his second album of 2021 and 25th album overall in a matter of weeks. Will began the year by dropping The Song Garden in January and will end it with the release of Sophisticated Soul on Tuesday, November 2nd.

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Downing is widely known as the "Prince of Sophisticated Soul" and his independent label is named Sophisticated Soul, so this album is an extension of his beloved brand. He'll showcase his vocal and lyrical range on the 8-track collection that he worked on with Rex Rideout, Randy Bowland and Eric Roberson, to name a few. He's already given us a sample of the project with the flirtatious lead single "The Warmth Of You."

Will lets his lady know just how much he loves her and her good loving on "The Warmth Of You," likening her to the sun, moon, stars, earth, wind and fire. "Baby, I need your body / Laying here right beside me / I just need the warmth of you / Baby, you're so exotic / What you do to me is hypnotic / I can't wait to feel the warmth of you," he croons on the chorus – and he isn't just singing about body heat.

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"I'm so excited to release my 25th studio album," Will stated via press release. "This album is filled with fresh melodies and lush arrangements that are going to satisfy every musical palate."

Will Downing's Sophisticated Soul is sure to transport listeners into a love zone and deliver more of the grown and sexy tunes that he has become known for over his 33 years of releasing music. Consider us excited to get this new album in our hands from one of our favorite male voices. Listen to Will's latest smooth groove and watch the lyric video then view the Sophisticated Soul tracklist right here.

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Will Downing Sophisticated Soul tracklist:

1. Baby I'm Yours
2. Come With Me
3. Let's Go
4. Love Language
5. Never Wanted Anyone
6. Old School Love
7. The Warmth Of You
8. When I First Saw You

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