Van Hunt Brings Back The Funk With ‘Peachfuzz’

If you’re a follower of Van Hunt, then you know the singer-songwriter has been pretty prolific in recent years. He’s used his time as an independent artist to explore music as he sees fit and has been creating some interesting textures within the realms of funk, rock and R&B. Still, his post-funk sound that he perfected on albums like On The Jungle Floor and Popular are what we’ve come to know him by most. He revisits that sound with the release of his latest single “Peachfuzz.”

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“Peachfuzz” comes out of the gate swinging thanks to a funky bass line that informs the entire track as a constant kick drum accompanies it. Van furthers the party with a distorted vocal as he explores relationships and change, comparing the latter to the new growth of fresh fuzz after a clean shave. “Ooh, don’t let it burn yo’ a** up / Turn you into something else / Who is this new person comin’ out of you?” he questions on the bridge as stabs of synth add new musical layers to the track. Meanwhile, he gives us a view on commitment on the chorus, singing, “To have and to hold / To have is better / To hold is for a time / To have is forever.” Though some of the points he’s making in the lyrics are a little lost in the distortion of it all, it’s certain that Van Hunt is still in fine form decades into his career.

You can pick up “Peachfuzz” via your favorite digital retailer. But first, get into the funky track when you press play right here.

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