Summer Walker & JT Are Ready To Rumble On ‘Ex For A Reason’

While summer may be over, Summer Walker season is just getting started. The Atlanta-based songstress is readying the release of her sophomore album Still Over It next month and has her fans worked up by its entertaining rollout. She’s been teasing the first single “Ex For A Reason” featuring JT of City Girls fame on her SummersHardDrive IG profile, and the song isn’t exactly what we expected.

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Anyone looking for Over It 2.0 or a continuation of the moody vibes from her past work, won’t find that on “Ex For A Reason.” The Sean Garrett-produced tune sounds like a breezy R&B bop straight outta ’90s ATL with a twerkable upbeat tempo. The sound of the track is nothing like you’d expect from Ms. Walker, but she’s talking her ish in the lyrics. She reminds her man, “That b***h your ex for a reason, though” and basically threatens to whoop that trick. That girl JT backs Summer up with some fiery bars of her own, wishing a bish would.

We’re not sure what direction Summer Walker will be going in on her sophomore set, but she’s stated on her socials that, “Still Over It is a story…and the beginning of that story [is] ‘Ex For A Reason.'” One this is for sure, however, Summer’s post-London On Da Track era is gonna take some getting used to.

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