Kenyon Dixon Wants To Give It To You All Night Long & The ‘Morning After’

Over the past few decades, R&B has undergone a series of transformations. A genre, that was once defined by its elements of soul and funk has now transitioned into something a bit more fluid with hip-hop, pop and even electronic undertones. However, Kenyon Dixon proclaims to make music with real R&B vibes, and with his newest single “Morning After” he proves to exceed our expectations.

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The sultry record, which was produced by Kenyon alongside Marqus Curtis and Chris Blakk, takes elements of funk to create an alluring tune that was clearly influenced by Prince. It’s fervid with guitar strings, warm melodies and seductive lyrics that would make it the perfect addition to a hot and steamy playlist. The “Morning After” reveals a mature subject matter, delving into a tale about a man encouraging his lover for the night to let down her guard for a moment of pure ecstasy. Dixon is in his loverman bag as he sings, “F**king like there ain’t no rules / You should free your mind to explore / Better while you’re still unsure / That’s what the morning after’s for,” insinuating that their moment of desire can accentuate to higher heights if she allows herself to be truly open to the experience.

The “Morning After” visual is minimalistic yet still encapsulates the overall vibe of the song. Throughout the video, Dixon is front and center, as he performs the song in an empty room lit by a myriad of lamps that are scattered across the floor. Staying true to his R&B roots, Dixon croons with emotion and blesses the audience with brief moments of choreography as he continues to smoothly hit his falsetto notes.

This sexy tune sets itself apart from the competition and engages in a topic of romance that isn’t depicted very often. So, if you’re in a mood for some sexual healing, Kenyon Dixon’s got what you need.

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