BJ The Chicago Kid Shows How Love Can Unfold In ‘6 Months’

BJ The Chicago Kid has a good thing going with his BJ Wednesdays series. After keeping us jamming for the summer and then dropping his EP 4 AM, he rebooted the series for the fall when he released the aptly titled “Smooth.” Now he’s giving us heartfelt, romantic soul with the release of the latest single in the series, “6 Months.”

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“6 Months” finds BJ explaining the ups and downs that come with the beginning of a relationship. With delicate production from Social House consisting of beautifully arranged strings and BJ’s own layered vocals, he breaks down what could go down in the first stages. He speaks on everything, from the first blush of infatuation to the sometimes bitter moments that will leave lovers blue. What’s unique about the song, though, is he phrases it as a conversation he’s having with his lover before they embark on the journey, with him noting that mistakes might happen, but love shouldn’t change. “Mark my words / Record ’em loud / Play this back / Six months from now,” he sings on the song’s refrain. The non-traditional structure makes it all seem dream-like (much like first falling in love) and provides a softer vision of BJ that we don’t always get to see.

The song is definitely another feather in the cap for BJ The Chicago Kid and has us looking forward to what he’s going to give us next week. Until then, you can listen to “6 Months” here and pick up your own copy of the song from your preferred digital service provider.

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