Trevor Jackson Attempts To Get Around In ‘Pictures By My Pool’

Everything seems like it’s easy for Gen Z, what with them never knowing an age without smartphones and the internet. However, their access to technology has possibly complicated things that were once simple. That includes the way in which social media has made dating even more difficult, a fact made clearer by Trevor Jackson in the video for “Pictures By My Pool.”

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The song, taken from his album The Love Language, touches on Trevor trying to make a love connection with a woman who’s too busy posting pics on the ‘gram to pay him any attention. He gets a little literal with the video as he goes poolside with a bevy of beauties. As he sings, swims and literally walks on water, he can’t seem to get their attention. Instead of checking out all the handsomeness standing before them, they’re snapping flicks on their phones and chatting with each other. Trevor is up for the challenge despite not getting any play, however, running between the ladies like 2Pac in the “I Get Around” video.

At the rate he’s going, we might be able to call The Love Language a visual album pretty soon. We wouldn’t be mad at the prospect, either. Enjoy the latest video from the multi-talented Trevor Jackson when you press play.

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