Syd & Smino Are On The ‘Right Track’

When one is first met with the butterflies of budding romance, the desire to risk it all comes easy. However, experience has taught most of us that taking one’s time is the best course of action. Though clearly smitten, on her latest single “Right Track,” Syd plays it cool while making her feelings clear. Over the bubbling bop, she sings “Feel like we’re on the right track / Keep it up, you keep comin’ right back / I might be tryna wife that.” St. Louis rapper Smino hops on the track, adding a bit of Midwest flavor and marking the major impact his new love has had on the way he moves.

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This latest release marks Syd’s third single of the year sans her bandmates from The Internet. Her heartbreaking yet unbothered ballad “Missing Out” dropped back in February and was followed up with the lustful and laid-back groove “Fast Car.” While there’s no official word on whether this trifold turnout of heat is part of the rollout for the follow-up to her debut solo album Fin, we will most certainly take it. One thing is for sure, there is no end to her creativity and we’re excited for all she has in store.

Give Syd’s “Right Track” featuring Smino a spin below, and be sure to add the tune to your collection from your preferred digital platform. SoulBouncers out in Los Angeles lucky enough to grab tickets will catch her perform live at a special sold-out concert alongside the LA Philharmonic later this month.

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