Chlöe Shows Us How She Works It With ‘Have Mercy’

During the promo run for Ungodly Hour, which offered a more chart-directed style from sister duo Chloe X Halle, we got the impression the eldest sister Chloe Bailey wanted to get out and do her own thing for a second. It’s no surprise, then, that the singer — who’s changed her stage name to simply Chlöe — is busting out all over with her new single “Have Mercy” and its booty-full music video.

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Chlöe is feeling herself like her mentor Beyoncé on the track. Her ability to craft a catchy tune and melody is on full display as she works with producer Murda Beatz to craft this earworm. She makes the track all about her (particularly her bangin’ body and the junk in her trunk) as she asks a few questions on the chorus. “Why I keep bossin’ like I do? / Why I keep flossin’ like I do? / Why I keep saucin’ like I do / Why it keep costin’ like it do?” she wonders. “All this a** up in my jeans / You can’t get up in between / You tryin’ to get a piece of me? / I can teach you a couple things.” Her cockiness is obviously on 100 here, but the speaker-shaking bass paired with her sensual vocal (and unexpected rap skills) make this jam far better than it had to be.

In the song’s video, the budding star plays up the bad chick vibes of the song by appearing as a flirty sorority sister with a fatal secret. She and her girls seem to be the ones the boys —including How To Get Away With Murder star Rome Flynn — go crazy for. You can see why as the ladies flaunt their assets quite freely to tempt them. As the video continues its run, we’re treated to amazing visuals and Chlöe’s tantalizing dance moves as we learn her dead sexy secret and why a host of young men in the area have gone missing.

With a video like this, we can’t wait to see what she does when she brings “Have Mercy” to the VMAs stage this Sunday. Until then, bump to “Have Mercy” below and then get mesmerized by its booty-popping video.

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