Jill Scott Shows Off Her Angelic Side In ‘Highway To Heaven’ Trailer

We haven’t heard anything musically from Jill Scott since she released her last album Woman in 2015. While we’ve missed her voice on our stereos, we haven’t missed her on our screens. She’s the star of the new Nationwide campaign and recently graced BET+ with the second season of hit show First Wives Club. She’ll be back on the small screen again this fall to star in Lifetime’s TV movie reboot of the ’80s hit series Highway To Heaven.

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Jill will take over the role made famous by Michael Landon, rewritten as Angela Stewart, an angel on a mission from God to help those in need. She takes a job as a temporary guidance counselor at a school in order to accomplish her goals. One of those is helping a child and his father cope with the loss of his mother. The feel-good vibes don’t stop there, though, as it seems she has another objective that involves the school’s principal and the community at large.

The initial film, which is set to premiere November 6th on Lifetime, will be the first in a series of Highway To Heaven films on the network. So we should be prepared to see much more of the angelic side of Jill Scott in the future. Check out the trailer for the upcoming TV movie right here.

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