Rae Catches A Vibe With ‘Lemon Pepper Wings’

Rae is a name we haven’t mentioned since her debut single “All For You” back in 2017. She’s been busy in the time since, though, including dropping more than her fair share of singles and EPs in 2020 and her most recent EP Self Motivation 101 earlier this year. She’s back at it again, however, as brings us her latest single “Lemon Pepper Wings.”

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While we all love a good chicken wing, the song isn’t really about the food as much it is about the feeling it evokes for Rae. The song finds her getting a little introspective about life on the verses, with her pondering whether or not we have to be going through to appreciate the good things in life. However, once she gets to the chorus, she’s ready to let go as she lets the music at the function ease her cares. “When the bass go boom / Turn the lights down for the lifestyle / Are you in a red cup mood? / Yeah, we can do whatever we choose,” she sings. “We don’t need nobody help to be cool.” Meanwhile, by the time the bridge rolls around, she lets us know she’s ready to keep the good vibes going with “lemon pepper wings and a Solo cup.” Speaking of the song’s vibes, she keeps the mood with mellow mid-tempo production based on piano chords and syncopated drums that allow her to turn up while keeping things relatively chill.

“Lemon Pepper Wings” isn’t the only release Rae has in store for this year as she recently revealed that she’s expecting a little one to her Instagram followers, letting them know that her bundle of joy will arrive in October of this year. Give the mother-to-be a big congratulations and celebrate the good vibes of summer by spinning her latest when you press play.

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