Madison McFerrin Finds Beauty 'Over The Ocean'

Madison McFerrin is always good to give us a wonderful vocal. Sometimes that comes in the form of something fun like "GUILTY." Other times, it's with songs like her cover of Radiohead's "Everything In Its Right Place." The singer-songwriter is back at it again, this time offering a cover of the Here We Go Magic single "Over The Ocean" for indie label Secretly Canadian's "SC25"campaign.

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The singer goes acapella for her cover, which is her specialty, stripping away the lo-fi instrumental of the original and providing accompaniment with beautifully layered vocals. Her efforts paint a lovely image along with the picturesque lyrics. "Over the ocean / Thought I heard voices / Reflected voices / Satellite message," she sings. "Isn't it something? / The realizing / Silver dots marking / Endless horizon."

"When covering 'Over The Ocean,' I wanted to capture the haunting ease of ocean waves," Madison said in a statement. "I'm a water sign and feel very much at ease in the ocean. I hope everyone hears the closeness of that comfort, while simultaneously feeling the expansiveness of the deep blue. I'm incredibly grateful to contribute to such a wonderful cause through this song."

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You can check out Madison McFerrin doing her unique thing on "Over The Ocean" when you press play. You can also stay tuned for more of Secretly Canadian's "SC25" series here.

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