Ruff Endz Find Sun & Fun In A ‘Hopeless’ Place

Ruff Endz made quite a splash with their new album Rebirth when it dropped in April. Jam-packed with R&B jams and the soulful singing they’ve always been known for, the set marked their welcome return to our spring playlists. The duo are hoping to make it onto summer playlists with their current single “Hopeless” and make a strong case with the music video.

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Directed by Ruff Endz member David Chance, who also wrote and produced the track, the visual takes the fellas on a trip to Jacksonville, Florida. The location wasn’t their first choice, but they made it work. “We wanted to show a video that made you feel like summer-time fun with an island twist to it,” Chance stated via press release. “Because of COVID-19 it was nearly impossible to shoot in our desired location which was Bermuda, so the closest place to Baltimore that had palm trees was Florida!”

The “Hopeless” visual brings the sun and fun with David and fellow RE member Dante Jordan surrounded by a few lovely ladies. When everyone isn’t kicked back on a yacht, they take things to the beach where the bikini-clad women break out into some sexy choreography to keep it spicy. Watching Ruff Endz and friends living it up with “Hopeless” as the soundtrack makes us want to book a vacation to somewhere tropical ASAP.

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