Majid Jordan Helps Heal Heartbreak With Summer-Ready Jam 'Been Through That'

Photo Credit: Lawrence Cortez

Summer is officially here, and that means we're going to a get a bevy of entries that fit the qualifications for song of the summer. R&B duo Majid Jordan, who released the lead single "Waves Of Blue" from their upcoming album back in April, have officially thrown their hats in the ring by dropping the set's second single "Been Through That."

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It's not just the song's warm chords and dance-able groove that give it summertime quality. The track opens with a two-step-worthy call out that commands us to slide and glide along with the twosome. Meanwhile, the song is encouraging a girl to work through her feelings over a bad relationship. "Sometimes when you drink too much / You still call when it's late / I've been through that," vocalist Majid Al-Maskati sings on the chorus. "Days when you think it's love / Feel like it might be an act / I've been through that." Typically, when a guy makes this kind of statement, he's trying to slide and glide his way into a woman's bed. This time, though, there's an earnestness to the delivery that makes it feel like a good friend checking in.

"Although it sounds like we’re addressing someone in the verse, the truth is we have been both the speaker and listener in all the situations that the song talks about," the duo said in a statement. "We have been through that, overstretched ourselves, gotten burnt out, acted for the wrong reasons, but we eventually found our feet and now we’re dancing our way out of it."

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We're still waiting for more information about Majid Jordan's upcoming third album, but this is the perfect jam to hold on to until they're ready to show their work.

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