Leela James Takes The Blame In 'Put It On Me' & Announces New Album 'See Me'

Leela James isn't for the games when it comes to relationships. When she is done, she is done. And if it means taking the blame for the relationship going bad, she's cool with that, too, and she lays it all out on her new single "Put It On Me."

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"Put it on me, this time / If it makes you feel better / Blame it on me, you can lie / But it don't even matter," Leela sings to her ex, way past over all of his shenanigans that led them to this breakup. She knows that she should have left a long time ago, but she decides that now is better than never. Leela she brings her same fiery soul and passion to the table as she finds the resolve to move on.

In the visual for "Put It On Me" we see the aftermath of the breakup and watch Leela go through a myriad of emotions. She goes from sad with a teary, mascara-stained her face to pissed off on the phone cussing her ex out to a little unhinged scribbling on the bathroom mirror in red lipstick. It's when she dolls herself up and drives her truck to an undisclosed location that we see her strength through all the drama. She grabs a shovel and heavy black garbage bag filled with his things from the trunk and digs a grave to bury it all. He is dead to her, and she is very much alive.

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"Put It On Me" is the follow-up to "Complicated," and the second single from Leela James' forthcoming eighth studio album, entitled See Me. She has revealed the album cover art, tracklist and release date for the highly-anticipated collection. The 11-track project will only have one guest feature from Mumu Fresh on the song "Break My Soul," which we already can't wait to hear. Luckily for us, we won't have to wait too long to get See Me in our hands, as it will be released on Friday, July 30th. Peep the complete tracklist below before you pre-order/pre-save the album before it drops next month.

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Leela James See Me tracklist:

Break My Soul feat. Mumu Fresh
You're the One
I Want You
See Me
Tryin’ To Get By
Put It On Me
Angel in Disguise
So Far Away
Rise and Shine

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