Laura Mvula Cleans Up Well In ‘Got Me’

Laura Mvula is changing things up with her upcoming album Pink Noise. That change includes a switch to a synth-heavy ’80s aesthetic. It also means that she’s changed up her own personal style as well, including incorporating the decade’s neon color palette and sexing things up a bit in the video for her single “Got Me.”

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The clip finds Laura in the most unusual of places: a mechanic shop/car wash. This particular one is decked out like a male fantasy fever dream. Or maybe we should say female fantasy. The walls are plastered in pin-up boy pictures and the ladies delight in the reversal of roles. They vamp around in thigh-high boots, loose sweatshirts and ripped short-shorts to the song’s groove. When they aren’t doing that, Laura finds time to flirt with a fellow who drives into the shop with a shiny yellow muscle car. Laura and he show off some smooth moves and chemistry together, but it’s ultimately her show and she looks simply beautiful while doing it.

Pink Noise promises to show us Laura Mvula in a whole new light, and we definitely get it in this video. Who knows what else she’ll have in her bag when the album arrives on July 2nd.

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