Conya Doss Shares The Wisdom Of Experience On ‘Through Rose-Colored Glasses’

Despite ever-changing trends on the popular charts, radio airwaves and viral media, singer-songwriter Conya Doss has remained a favorite among music lovers because of the consistent quality and authenticity of her sound. As the indie soul diva nears the 20-year mark of her industry debut, she delivers another collection of captivating soul tunes in her ninth studio album, Through Rose-Colored Glasses.

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Reflecting on the album’s title, Doss explains, “For me, generally, the term means perceiving everything as great, and focusing on the positives in every situation.  On the other hand, it can also be viewed as giving the perception that all is great but when we look completely THROUGH the beautiful rose-colored glasses, we find a mesh of complexities and imperfections. Often such an outlook is necessary in order to cope….”

These thoughts take shape throughout the 12-track set and leave a lasting impression. Along with Myron Davis and Rodney Jones, Conya serves as one of the album’s main producers, further guiding its sound and vision. While amorous love is the main focus, there are also lessons that can be applied to various kinds of relationships and life experiences. Beyond that, it’s just an incredible collection of music that proves why we need to give Ms. Doss her flowers right now.

Through Rose-Colored Glasses features slow grooves and mid-tempo jams that are thoughtful, heartfelt and infectious. Breezy tune “Take It Away” opens the set on a high note with sultry vibes, underscored by rhythmic beats and guitar. Songs like “Not Trading You In” and “Long Haul” speak to admiration, respect and devotion in a committed relationship. Conya temporarily shifts gears, focusing on a different kind of love with the uplifting anthem “Black Is Beautiful.” Upbeat tracks are featured as well, with “Come Get This Love” and “How We Gone Be Friends” enticing us to grab someone to dance with.

Speaking of friends, a handful of them are featured throughout the album. Doss collaborated with B. Golden and OsKeyz on separate projects over the past year, so it’s nice to see them return the favor. Golden adds melodic background vocals on “Wishful Thinking” while OsKeyz pulls double duty, appearing on “Happy Valley” and “Sandcastles” (both songs are also featured on his wonderful debut EP 6019). A master of his craft, trumpeter Lin Rountree creates an atmosphere of sexy soul on “Show Me,” while talented Indiana artist/producer Micki Miller joins Conya on “Funny.” Our boy Eric Roberson rounds out the cast of cameos, lending his charm and irresistible vocals to “It Ain’t Easy.”

If it isn’t clear by now, scroll down for a preview and hear for yourself why we think Through Rose-Colored Glasses is a must-have for your music collection. The album is currently available for purchase directly from the artist or via major digital retailers. Afterwards, keep up with Conya Doss on Twitter and Instagram.

Conya Doss Through Rose-Colored Glasses [Amazon][Apple Music][YouTube Music][Website]

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