Anthony Ramos Drops Sophomore Album ‘Love And Lies’

Whether on stage, on screen or on the charts, Anthony Ramos is one of those artists whom we love to see winning. His star has been on a steady rise over the past few years. And despite the setbacks of the pandemic along with the controversy surrounding his recent movie In The Heights, we’re glad his light won’t be dimmed any time soon. In fact, he’s just released his sophomore album Love And Lies, and (no surprise here) it’s quite enjoyable.

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While his 2019 debut The Good & The Bad was more introspective, the new project projects a different side of the multi-hyphenate artist. Anthony explains, “My first album was really autobiographical. It was about my life and what happened to me. It was very much just recalling the story of how I got here. It wasn’t how I felt in the moment. This album is more of a feeling and exploration of themes that I just felt inspired to write about right now. I knew I wanted to get a little nasty with this. I wanted to get a little dirtier, darker, and sexier…I want to listen to music that makes you want to stay up late, music that makes you want to love, and music that ultimately makes you feel connected.”

The singer-songwriter accomplishes this goal with 12 pop tracks adequately laced with the swagger and sensuality of R&B, the energy of dance music and, of course, the influence of his Latin roots. This means there’s a little something for everyone. Looking for something sexy with a little bite? Songs like “Lose My Mind” and “Control” are infectious and definitely not for the kiddies. Meanwhile, if you’re feeling amorous or need a soundtrack for romance, “Say Less” and “Satisfy You” fit the bill. Ready to dance? There’s no shortage of upbeat tunes, from Latin-inflected “Blessings” and “Échale” to club bangers like “Love And Lies.” Even smooth, mid-tempo tracks like “In The Night” and “Nobody Else” will entice you off the couch and onto your feet.

Perhaps the most emotional song in the set, album closer “I Can’t Get By” is another standout track, featuring vulnerable lyrics and a moving instrumental. It also pinpoints exactly why Ramos is such a draw. He can definitely sing, yes, but it’s his raw talent, authentic delivery and irresistible magnetism that keep us coming back for more.

Scroll down to watch Anthony heat up the screen in the visuals for “Lose Control,” then head to your favorite DSP to purchase a copy of Love And Lies.

Anthony Ramos Love And Lies [Amazon][Apple Music][YouTube Music][Website]

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