Parson James & JoJo Assuage Our Insecurities With ‘Dirty Laundry’

While our culture has become all about “spilling the tea” and calling folks out, it’s sometimes nice to know that you can confide in someone without your business being put on front street. This concept is what inspired “Dirty Laundry,” the latest single from singer-songwriter Parson James, who invited powerhouse singer JoJo along to help him deliver his message.

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Upon first listen, “Dirty Laundry” is a lovely pop/R&B song that’s reassuring a partner. Closer inspection reveals that something deeper is happening here though. “I originally wrote this about a guy I was seeing in quarantine,” Parson said of the song in a press release. “He struggled so much with his sexuality and accepting himself & felt ashamed and it really was affecting him deeply. I wanted so badly to let him know that he should feel safe around me, that there was zero judgement and that I knew how he felt and wanted to be someone he could fully be himself around.” That context gives the song a deeper meaning when, on the chorus, Parson sings, “You been hiding too long / So, baby, just tell me your secrets / I’ll always keep them inside / No dirty laundry hanging on the line.” JoJo comes across as the best friend who’s always got your back on her verse, with the singer encouraging the subject to open up and let it all go.

The song and its easygoing production, which never gets overly dramatic and allows the singer’s voices to shine, is refreshing in a time where it seems drama is all the rage. Listen to Parson James and JoJo assuage your fears when you head below.

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