Lion Babe & Siimbiie Lakew Show Support & Love With ‘Signs’

A new album from electrifying duo Lion Babe is always an event. With Rainbow Child on the horizon, we’re on the verge of another memorable one from the duo. They already delivered the goods with the album’s lead single “Frida Kahlo,” a strong contender for song of the summer, and they’re giving us more with follow-up “Signs.”

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They link up with singer Siimbiie Lakew for the occasion, trying on a reggae feel for the track. Siimbiie and frontwoman Jillian Hervey take turns trading verses about trying to make life and love work on the road. They both describe the struggles they’ve been going through and commend each other on the ways they’ve been handling themselves. In fact, they’re both amazed at how the other balances it all. “Act all wild, how you do that?” they sing in unison on the refrain. It’s a slower pace than the dance music rhythms of “Frida Kahlo,” but the mellow track is still moving all the same.

Lion Babe hasn’t announced an exact release date for Rainbow Child just yet, but it should be arriving sometime this summer. While we try to tamp down our anticipation, you can listen to “Signs” when you press play.

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