Sinead Harnett Bares Her Heart On ‘Hard 4 Me 2 Love You’

Photo Credit: Rosie Matheson

Sinead Harnett has been taunting and teasing us for nearly a year in the lead-up to her upcoming album Ready Is Always Too Late. We’ve received three singles from the set thus far — “Stickin’,” “Take Me Away” and “Last Love” — and the hits just keep on coming. Now the singer is baring her heart and revealing the set’s fourth single “Hard 4 Me 2 Love.”

While the other singles focused on the ins and outs of romance, “Hard 4 Me 2 Love” gets a little more personal as Sinead addresses the pain of being hurt by those closest to you. Piano helps her tell her story as she relays her raw feelings. She describes a push and pull in the verses, with words, prayers and wishes not strong enough to heal the wounds. “You make it hard for me to love you / Building up these mountains that I can never move,” she sings on the chorus. “You make it hard for me to love you / If we can’t work around it / Then how can I get through? / Why’d you make it so hard for me to love you / Should be the easiest thing to do.”

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“This was one of those songs I wasn’t ready to finish for quite some time,” Sinead said in a press release. “I’d had an argument with someone in my family and the chorus just came out. But it was too painful to finish until years later when I played the chorus to M-Phazes. I think what I learned from the process was that love evolves and changes, but when it’s unconditional you just keep going until it feels good again.”

This is surprisingly the first ballad we’re hearing from Ready Is Always Too Late, but we have a feeling it will be in good company when the latest from Sinead Harnett is released on May 21st. Give “Hard 4 Me 2 Love You” and its simple visual a whirl when you press play below.

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