Laura Mvula Shows Off Her Moves & ’80s Fashion In ‘Church Girl’

Laura Mvula is living out her ’80s fantasies these days as she readies the release of her upcoming album Pink Noise. The singles we’ve heard thus far — “Safe Passage” and “Church Girl” — have been channeling 1986 heavily with the heavy use of synths and drum machines. And the video for “Safe Passage” takes it one step further with its neon-pink decadence. She delves deeper into her homage to the decade with the release of a visual for “Church Girl.”

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Laura trades in the pink of “Safe Passage” for vibrant hues of purple, red and blue as she rocks out-of-this-world hairstyles and sparkling crystals. She strikes several poses at the video’s start while a spotlight highlights her beauty. When we get to the chorus, however, a quartet of dancers represent the lyrics, appearing as red-dressed devils at Laura’s back. These devils don’t torment her, though. They instead get in step and help the singer create that much-lauded ’80s video staple: the dance break. Laura shows that she, too, can handle an intricate eight-count as she moves with the fellas pretty nimbly.

The Day-Glo colors of the clip and impressive moves make “Church Girl” well worth watching. With Pink Noise arriving this July, we’re sure we’ll get another visual treat from Laura Mvula in the coming months. Until then, revel in “Church Girl” below.

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