Kindred The Family Soul Is Everyone’s Favorite ‘Auntie & Unc’

For almost 20 years now, Kindred The Family Soul has blessed our playlists with heartwarming, feel-good grooves with honest lyrics. And whether you know them personally or through their music and social media presence, just about everyone can agree that Aja Dantzler and Fatin Dantzler are #CoupleGoals. It’s not because they’re flawless and have everything together. In fact, they’ll be the first to admit that they’re not perfect. And that’s exactly why we love them. It’s their imperfections and how they work through them…together.

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This unwavering commitment to each other – in addition to their devotion to their family, their tireless support of community and social justice and their candid authenticity in music, life and love – has earned them the admiration of peers and fans alike. In fact, we feel like we’re a part of their family. So, of course, we have no choice but to pull up for their seventh studio album, cleverly titled Auntie & Unc.

The husband and wife duo deliver eight incredible tracks that feed the soul. Songs like “Break It Down,” “I Believe” and “Over The Moon” are a blueprint for building a healthy relationship as they share open communication, supportive encouragement, and intimate desire for each other. The heartfelt dialogue extends to the Black community as they protest, resist, uplift and affirm on songs “Rejoice, Renew, Repair,” “No More” (featuring British-Nigerian artist Duke Amayo of Antibalas) and “Made It.” The album closes with “The Best Things” and “Black Love Story,” soulful grooves that exude joy and continue their beautiful legacy of love.

Kindred explains, “Auntie & Unc is a bit of a manifesto. A declarative statement of two black people who have loved and worked together for two decades. We are OG’s in this Black Love conversation and we have wisdom to share; but we embrace that life is an ever teaching state of mind.”  Scroll down to get schooled by Auntie & Unc, then spread the knowledge and support these independent artists by purchasing a copy of the album directly from them today.

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