Tony Momrelle Takes Us On A Virtual ‘Escape’

It’s been almost one year since the start of the global pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Though some brave souls have thrown caution to the wind in the name of getting back to normal, others feel as if the walls are closing in. With his new single “Escape,” UK singer/songwriter and former Incognito frontman Tony Momrelle sends a message to those battling the blues that often come with prolonged isolation. With its lively energy and inspiring lyrics, the track offers an audible retreat from the monotony of our days. He says, “‎This song is all about lockdown – it was written and recorded in the thick of 2020. It’s about escaping ‎your surroundings; finding that place mentally that helps you to keep your sanity in the midst of all the ‎madness.”‎

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As travel restrictions and social-distancing requirements have forced us all to get a little creative, for the accompanying visual, Momrelle sought the assistance of his faithful following. Through the magic of technology and virtual backdrops, he was able to transport himself from his crib to Time Square and beyond. The video’s “Worldwide Lockdown Camera” induced an instant smile as we watched fans sing and dance along to this infectious tune. Momrelle explains, “‎Fans from all over the world, from the UK to Japan to Brazil, came together to record bits of the track. ‎We can’t all be in the same room right now, but music always brings people together.”‎

“Escape” with Tony Momrelle below, and be sure to add the track to your music collection from your preferred digital platform. Keep an eye out for his forthcoming EP Lockdown Acoustic Sessions, which is set to drop in April.

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