H.E.R. & Tauren Wells ‘Hold Us Together’ With An Inspirational Remix

H.E.R. caught us off guard with the uplifting ballad “Hold Us Together” for the Disney+ film Safety soundtrack. After listening to it, we knew it wouldn’t be the last time we heard her on an inspirational anthem – we just didn’t think it would be on a remix. H.E.R. has given the song new life by adding vocals from multi-GRAMMY-nominated Christian singer Tauren Wells. The two acclaimed artists unite their talents on “Hold Us Together (Hope Mix)” to create an empowering duet.

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While the “Hope Mix” doesn’t change the lyrics or production, Tauren’s addition to the track is more than just for show. Making the track a duet makes sense, as it’s about finding strength to carry on with someone you see as a confidant. It doesn’t hurt that Tauren’s voice is a great complement to H.E.R.’s own tenor. Together, they do more than just hold it together, but take things to a whole new level.

Speaking of reaching a new level, H.E.R.’s star continues to rise after recently winning two GRAMMY Awards this year for the songs, “I Can’t Breathe” and “Better Than I Imagined” with Robert Glasper. Before, her patented shades were seemingly just a gimmick. Now, with her future so bright, well, you know the rest.

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